How long have you been at a party? As you know, most of the parties terminates sex, group sex is insane. B To arrange an unforgettable party for young people and adults to drink quite a bit of alcohol and the mad orgy will not keep you waiting. After a drunken youth wants dirty brutal sex. Young and hot girls and guys willing to satisfy sexual hunger. If a huge company of strangers going to the club - non-public sex in the middle of the dance floor is not necessary. Sometimes guys are no longer control himself and as a result we are seeing this orgy.The exchange of sexual partners for erotic games within a few pairs. Nowadays, there is an attitude quite different to the swing: someone does not care for him, someone thinks it is the only way out of a number of sexual troubles, and someone full criticized. Nevertheless, in today's world, about 20% of couples at least once in their lives have tried to engage in a swing.